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UPDATE! 4/24/2017 - 123 recordings for Brahms 1. Put them in your ear holes.

UPDATE! 7/5/2016 - Wagner's Das Rheingold

The Perceptive Trombonist: An Annotated Listening Guide to Orchestral Excerpts, Volume 1

I have spent years working on the first volume of my new book series, "The Perceptive Trombonist." This companion to my website TromboneExcerpts.org is unlike anything available on the market, offering a perceptive and prescriptive listening approach to excerpts.

Support has been tremendous from my friends and mentors like Ralph Sauer, David Vining, and Ben van Dijk. I am pleased it is finally here and now available for order, along with other fine low brass arrangements, through Momus Music Editions and on Amazon.

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tenor trombonists were eaten by Valkyries, who were in turn, eaten by bass trombonists.